SpinMaster.FlutterbyeButterflyDiaryThe Surprise Butterfly Diary had me at “Surprise.” This adorable book-turned-storage unit from Spin Master brings all the fun of having a diary while being deceivingly discreet. And, best of all, you can wind up the fairy to have her fly out when you open the book.  After all, who doesn’t love surprises?

The product includes the butterfly fairy, storage book unit, butterfly notepad, two replaceable rubber bands, a marker, and instructions. The secret compartment on the rear book cover for storage holds the diary that is in the shape of a butterfly. Trust me, this diary will be top secret because it is very well hidden. Kids can even fit other things that are small and flat.

To have the butterfly fly out of the book, all you need to do is open the book’s cover and place the fairy inside the outline for the gears to be aligned. Then, close the book and pull the knob about three times until it is fully wounded. Lastly, open the book and the fairy flies gracefully into the air. This addition gives it the enchanting feeling that kids will appreciate.

The product is easy to store and the perfect size—it isn’t big and bulky and can fit in a backpack or small bag for travel. It is not complicated to operate and kids will love having the fairy fly around their rooms.

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