Just when you thought the Super Wubble couldn’t get any cooler…

Super Wubble Brite, from NSI International, is a light-up inflatable unlike any other, and the successor to the Super Wubble. While it looks like a bubble that kids ages 6 and up can pop, it can be thrown around and bounced around just like a ball.

The Super Wubble Brite is made from Xpandium, a super-stretchy and super-strong material that allows it to grow in size and withstand the most forceful bounces. To my surprise, this material was not a radioactive element that existed in some sort of Marvel universe. Instead, it’s just a cool, safe product here on earth.Using the kid-safe pump that’s included in the box, kids can turn their Wubble ball from super small to super tall and inflate it to 2.5 feet in height. Kids can then throw it through the air, bounce it like a basketball, squish it in their arms, or smash it on the ground without worry. Xpandium is lightweight too, so it’s safe even for smaller kids.

What makes the Super Wubble Brite different from its predecessor is it’s color-changing effects. As kids play, an LED light inside the ball changes the orb’s appearance to display a variety of different colors, including red, blue, purple, and green. This allows young ones to continue their very own aerial light show, and continue the good times even after the sun has set.

When it’s time for a family vacation, kids and parents can use the pump as a deflator, and suck the air right out of the Super Wubble Brite ball. It’s a great feature that makes taking this inflatable on-the-go.

I guess cool just got cooler.