Get Ready for Takeoff with Super Wings Jett’s Super Robot Suit

Here comes Jett, the fastest plane in the world! Based on the preschool animation series, Super Wings, about a fun-loving jet plane named Jett, kids will have a blast with Super Wings Jett’s Super Robot Suit, from Alpha Group.

In the show, Jett teams up with the Super Wings, a group of colorful, smiley-faced airplanes that can morph into robots, and now kids ages 3 and up can do the same with this super cool two-in-one transforming bot toy.

The large-scale red and white robot transforms into a big rig vehicle for Jett to use on special missions. Transformation is a snap—all kids have to do is shift the sliding pieces into different positions, like pushing the robot’s legs to transform them into the wheels of a truck.

Get ready for takeoff! The set comes with a smaller handheld Jett figure that can also transform, changing the little guy from a bot into a plane. Fold in Jett’s arms and legs, and pull out a piece from his back to turn him into a jet plane. There’s even a little nook in the larger transforming robot suit/big rig for Jett to sit, so he can join in on the action.

And that’s not all—the super robot even talks and makes transforming sounds to mimic the show. Kids can push the button on the Super Robot Suit’s chest to hear it say different phrases like, “We’re robot ready,” “Things are looking up,” and “Jett transform!”

Kids can reenact their favorite scenes from the show or tap into their imaginations to create new adventures of their own. As Jett says, “These robot suits are really handy!”



Manufacturer: Alpha Group
MSRP: $39.99

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