Go big or go home. Toy Insider Editorial Director Jackie Breyer stopped by Fox & Friends Weekend to show off some big toys that are sure to bring some big fun this holiday season. For more on the items featured in this segment, check out the product notes below, and for the complete rundown of the best toys of the holiday season, be sure to check our complete Toy Insider Holiday Gift Guide.


  • Pikmi Pops FlipMis are the newest way to enjoy sweet scented plush.
  • The Pikmi Super Flip is packaged in a giant cotton candy type package, and it includes a jumbo reversible plush and 1-2 medium exclusive reversible scented plush!
  • The Super Flip also comes with 8 different fun surprises like badges, gel pens, stickers, charms and more.
  • Ages: 4+
  • MSRP: $44.99
  • Canada: CAD $79.99 at Indigo, Walmart Oct 1
  • Available: Amazon, Walmart


  • This 2 Player Jumbo Checkers set comes with a 60″ x 60″ Foldable Mat, Oversized Black and Red Checkers, and a Reusable Storage Bag.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use and fun for ALL ages, both big and small!
  • Ages: 5+
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Available: AAFES, HEB, Albertson’s


  • Designed in chunky plastic, this 13-piece fun set is sure to be a hit with all ages & can be played indoors and outside.
  • 13-piece set includes 10 bowling pins, 2 bowling balls and a convenient storage bag
  • Year-round play! Great for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Ages: 5+
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Available: AAFES, HEB, Albertson’s, Rite Aid under Private Label Brand


  • Rapunzel is 32-inches tall and is fully articulated at the neck,
  • shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees.
  • Kids can pose and play with Rapunzel in many ways for the best playdate ever!
  • Styled in her signature purple dress, Rapunzel has long, stunning, blonde hair that flows from her head to her ankles and Royal Reflection Eyes.
  • Includes a brush and doll with removable dress, shoes, and tiara.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart



  • Kids can have the best play date ever with Disney’s Maximus, Rapunzel’s trusted steed!
  • Standing over 2-feet tall, Maximus is ready for adventure with any child or the Playdate Rapunzel doll.
  • Maximus will respond with motion and sound as kids pull his reins.
  • Kids can offer him the included apple to stay on his good side—Maximus will hold the apple in his mouth and make “chomping” sounds.
  • Maximus includes a hair brush and hair accessories for fun hair play with his mane and tail and a saddle bag for storage!
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $99.99
  • Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart


  • Combines interactive play with battery-powered riding fun: feed, brush, walk, ride, and dance with your pony pal!
  • Over 100 unique sounds and movements.
  • Apple, carrot, and brush (included) add to the playtime fun.
  • Two forward speeds, one reverse.
  • Power Trax rubber traction strips keep the ride smooth and steady.
  • Direct Connect system makes charging easy; 12V battery and charger included.
  • Ages: 3-7
  • MSRP: $298
  • Available: Wal-Mart


  • The Bouncesational Bouncer is the everyday recreational bouncing destination that kids dream about.
  • This inflatable bouncer features a built-in pump, a luxury for bouncers and a feature that saves parents’ time.
  • Plug the bouncer in and watch it inflate in just four minutes.
  • Once inflated, watch your kids laugh and bounce off all that energy!
  • This Bouncesational Bouncer also includes 50 multi-colored play balls.
  • The mesh walls create a safety net for young bouncers by containing any possible, these walls also give parents visibility at all times.
  • Additionally, a single, non-removable door allows kids to enter and exit quickly without tripping or falling – while helping to develop motor skills.
  • The built-in pump also provides the benefit of auto deflation, so you can quickly pack up after parties or events.
  • Ages: 3+
  • MSRP: $54.99
  • Available: Walmart


  • The most Massive ball of them all!
  • Can’t get enough of the outrageously awesome competitions of Massive Monster Mayhem?  Now you can play Massive Moon Ball from the comfort of your home planet.
  • This giant inflatable Moon Ball inflates to 5 feet in diameter and comes with two targets, a super-sized piece of gear for super-sized Moon Ball fun.
  • From the hit TV series on Nicktoons (US) and Family Channel (Canada), the giant 5-foot inflatable Moon Ball lets you compete just like the contestants of Massive Monster Mayhem.
  • Massive Moon Ball includes a Moon Ball and 2x targets.
  • Special Notes: Use Electric Pump to inflate. Takes approximately two minutes to inflate, however be sure to re-inflate prior to on-air time so that it’s smooth, taut, and wrinkle-free.
  • Ages: 4+
  • MSRP: $49.99
  • Available: Target