It’s-a true, Mario is No. 1! Hoho!

Hasbro Gaming is reinventing its classic Monopoly and Jenga games with a Super Mario Bros. theme to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Families with kids ages 8 and up will be able to find the games at most major retailers on Aug. 1 and finally build up their IRL collection of gold coins.

Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition features six tokens based on classic items like turtle shells and mushrooms. It also replaces money with gold coins and the “cities” are named after iconic places from the game, dating back to 1985. A question block with sound effects can change a player’s luck and Princess Peach’s castles replace hotels. It’s probably the only game of Monopoly you won’t want to immediately flip.

The painstaking pressure of Jenga meets the difficult duty of defeating Bowser in Jenga Super Mario. Kids can race up the tower as Princess Peach, Toad, Luigi, or Mario. Whoever they choose, they’ll collect coins, stack pieces, and steal from other players. Just like the classic Jenga, if the tower falls during your move you lose — but in a new twist, players will have to spin a wheel to find out what moves they can actually do.

Wahoo! Just what [we all] needed!