Get ready to bring all of the video game action you love from your console to your coffee table.

USAopoly, in partnership with Hasbro, released Super Mario Bros., Fallout, and Halo collector’s edition Monopoly games.

Each new game features unique graphics based on those from the iconic video games, plus an exclusive game board, fun looking currency, unique character tokens, customized chance cards, and exciting new houses and hotels.


Though each game is highly stylized, the rules are the same as those in classic Monopoly. Nintendo fans looking for a retro fix can take a trip to 1985 and experience the pixelated fun of  Super Mario Bros. in a new way. The game includes classic character tokens such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Princess Peach, and Toad. Plus, the castles and flags take the place of the houses and hotels, while the ever-coveted gold coins are pictured on the money. Even the power-ups from the 1985 game are included in the chance and community cards in their classic retro design. These cards may put us face to face with Bowser or help us get closer to the Princess. In the video game, players can journey through eight exciting words—and the monopoly board features all of them. This new monopoly game does an excellent job of incorporating all the important aspects of the beloved, classic video game.

Fallout review pic 2
Although the Fallout video game franchise is rated M for Mature, kids can still play with the Fallout Monopoly Collector’s Edition. The board game does not contain the violence associated with the video game, but it does retain all of the excitement and futuristic fun. Players are invited to explore a world in which a nuclear war has destroyed almost everything and only a few survivors remain. You are chosen by the Overseer to help rebuild civilization by trading, buying, and selling your way through the Wasteland. The game board spaces and Title Deed cards feature locations from all four Fallout games, such as the ominous Rivet City, the destroyed Commonwealth Wasteland, and the infamous Sanctuary Hills. And say goodbye to B.&O., now players can take a ride into the railroad stations straight from Fallout, like Metro Central Station and Dupont Station. Community chest cards and chance cards are now “Survival Guides” and “You are Special,” featuring creative new tasks such as “retrieve the Geck for Arroyo” and “Find the Garden of Eden.” The houses and hotels morph into shacks and vaults, and the game tokens feature characters and objects from the game, such as Pip Boy and the protective helmet. If you acquire this game, you are very “S.P.E.C.I.A.L.”

Monopoly Gameboard
Halo Monopoly features the cR currency from the game as well board spaces and well-known locations from the Haloverse, including the crucial Ark and the mysterious Gamma Halo. The game board is very detailed, featuring characters, scenery, and eye-popping graphics from the franchise. Firebases and Fortresses take the place of houses and hotels, and Iconic Halo vehicles including the Pelican, Wraith, Phantom, and Scorpion replace traditional railroad properties. If you land on a Commendations or AI space, you may be lucky enough to get some extra cR. Similar to the Fallout franchise, the Halo franchise is meant for adults, but kids ages 8 and up can easily handle this board game.

These new Monopoly games give gamers a new way to visit their favorite fantasy worlds. From finding a way to acquire new worlds by earning coins, to exploring a futuristic setting altered by war and conflict, these games amp up the fun of the classic mogul board game with exciting new graphics and visual elements.