If you’ve never heard of Summer Camp Island, now is the time to get acquainted with this wacky and whimsical animated series, just in time for summer.

HBO Max released a trailer for season two of the show, which will premiere on the streaming service next week. Season one first aired on Cartoon Network in 2018.

Created by Julia Pott (who also worked on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time), Summer Camp Island follows best friends Oscar and Hedgehog as they find out that their camp is located on a magical island with monsters, yetis, giggling pajamas, and horses that transform into unicorns. The counselors are witches, aliens built the cabins, post-it notes lead to other dimensions, and the moon can talk. As Oscar and Hedgehog spend their summer encountering mystical creatures, they begin to discover the magical secrets of the island — and themselves.

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Summer Camp Island is produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Season two will premiere on Thursday, June 18, on HBO Max.

Get a peek at the charming wackiness of season two in the trailer below!