Manicures are expensive, and although it’s fun to get pampered, it can be even more fun to let kids do their nails themselves (or maybe with a little help from mom).

Style Me Up! Perfect Nail Markers, from Wooky Entertainment, let girls ages 8 and up create trendy, detailed nail designs with 2-in-1 polish pens. With sparkly options and on-trend colors, kids can create designs to match their moods and fashion senses. Each kit includes double-sided polish pens with a brush applicator on one side and fine tip pen for detailing on the other, five nail polish colors, color instructions, and an idea guide. A great product for girls looking to get creative, this kit allows them to paint little flowers, zig-zags, and any other design they can think of right on their nails themselves.

A great product at a great price point, the set is perfect for a birthday party goodie bag, a fun and easy slumber party activity, or a rainy day play date!