Let’s rock‘n roll, baby.

Millenial moms, rejoice! This year, Yvolution launched Strolly, an exciting new baby brand that features colorful, multi-purpose strollers that convert into trikes and balance bikes. New parents can initially use the ride-on as a stroller, providing a comfortable ride for their little one. It even makes trips to the park or grandma’s house easy, simply folding down for compact storage.

Once parents think that their little love is ready to progress, they can take the next step—or stroll—and convert it into a trike or balance bike. As mom or dad supervises, the babes will ride along, where they will learn the basics of riding a bike and develop gross motor skills.

Each Strolly product starts off as a stroller and adapts to kids’ development. The safety pole gives parents complete control as their kid gains confidence. Then, the pole can be removed as kids improve, ultimately converting from a stroller into a trike that kids can control themselves. Once kids are comfortable on the three wheels, the frame can be adapted into a balance bike to help them develop motor skills and prepare for their first pedal bike.

There are different styles that parents can choose from, including Strolly Bike, Strolly Compact, and Strolly Spin, in green, red, pink, and blue colors. While they all are convertible bikes, they each come with different features for parents to enjoy.

The Strolly Bike is a four-in-one ride-on that features a rear steering handle, which allows parents to guide and support kids’ movements when in parent steering and trike modes. Once ready to wander off on their own, the steering pole can be removed so that little ones have full control. To continue to progress towards bicycling, the trike can convert into a balance bike, allowing toddlers to strengthen their motor and balance skills.

Strolly Compact features a three-point harness in stroller mode and a rear steering handle that can be used to guide little ones when in trike mode. The steering handle can be easily removed when little ones are ready to speed off on their own.

Strolly Spin is a two-in-one convertible stroller that features an adjustable, spinning seat from front to back so that mom and dad always keep their little one in sight. The stroller also features a harness and safety bar to ensure that the baby is kept safe and snug. It also converts into a trike, allowing parents to steer the trike with a removable steering handle until the kid is ready to take full control.

Practice makes perfect, and the new Strolly line is designed to help kids do just that. The multi-purpose strollers will teach kids the basics of how to ride a bike, and grow with them through many stages in early development