TheBridgeDirect.StrandBandsThe Bridge Direct is coming out with—hands down—one of my favorite products of the year, the Make2Wear Strand Bands Designer Kit. The kit is a do-it-yourself (DIY) jewelry maker, where kids can make their own stylish and stretchy accessories however they want.

The Designer Kit includes everything kids need to make fashion-inspired accessories, including more than 180 feet of peel-apart Strand Bands. There are three different colored collections to choose from: purple, pink, and teal. My kit included black, teal, pink, green, and purple colored bands. The set also comes with lots of beads and charms, with words like “love,” an infinity sign, and hearts. The charms are sophisticated and look more like a purchased fashion accessory than a piece from a kids’ toy.

The instructions come with directions on how to create a cobra-style bracelet, but kids can make virtually any designs that they want, like a sassy yet simple braid. The included Strand Stlyer features an open center for easy weaving and has slits on the bottom to hold the bands in place. It comes with a suction cup on the back of it, so it can be secured easily to a table, without having the annoyance of it moving while kids are working (!!!).

The Strand Styler is really simple to use. Once kids select the colors they want to use and decide how to braid them, they can must place the knot on the hook underneath the Strand Styler clip. Depending on the design, kids can lock string in one of the slits on the bottom. The kit also comes with a suction cup on its own with a place to attach something kids are working on so they can make other designs without the Strand Styler.

One of my favorite parts is how unique the bands are to other standard DIY jewelry makers. Instead of string or twine, the bands have a stretchy, rubber-like texture. I love the look and feel of the bands so much more because they are waterproof, and I can already tell that they will last a LONG time. Plus, if kids mess up (which I know they won’t since they’re amazing and talented), it is easy to undo any and all knots.

Kids can make anything they can think of, from bracelets and rings to key chains and accessories. It’s truly customizable, allowing kids to choose certain colors or band widths or styles of their bracelets. If they have extra string at the end, they can keep it to make a cool fringe design, or they can cut it off. Make sure that kids don’t make their bracelets too large, or else they will fall off of their wrists the second they put them on!

Saying that I love this product is an understatement. Trust me: All budding participants of the DIY movement must have one of these. Kids can make so many styles and looks for their jewelry. If you don’t believe me, check out the photo below!