Join the Farty with Stink Bomz Plush from TOMY

You’ve heard them before. You’ve smelt them before. Heck, you’ve even produced them before. Now, thanks to TOMY, you can meet a fart.

Stink Bomz, from TOMY, are stinky plush friends that kids ages 6 and up can collect. That’s right, Stink Bomz are collectible fart friends that feature flatulence-firing noises and seriously stank smells. Good grief, that reeks.

While Stink Bomz are soft and plushy, they are also pungent and rank. Housed in a collectible and reusable package, each 5-inch collectible plush produces three unique fart noises when kids squeeze them. But beware: Each fart noise includes a stinky surprise! Stink Bomz may be a great gag gift this holiday season, but they are also bound to be kids’ new best friends.While their manners leave something to be desired, Stink Bomz plush are surprisingly packed with personality. With names such as Boom-Boom, Groaner, Mr. Stinker, Ripper, Smoggly, Spicy, Squirmy, and Sweaty, you can’t go wrong with any of them.


Sweaty and Boom-Boom are two of my favorite Stink Bomz characters. Sweaty is well aware he’s out of shape, but that doesn’t stop him from calling a broccoli-topped pizza healthy. I feel that on a deep, deep level, Sweaty. Boom-Boom is a loud and goofy fool. He has no shame telling the corniest of jokes, and he makes his presence known when he enters a room. I, too, share an affection for corny jokes, so we are now best friends.

Stink Bomz plush feature fun smells and rip-roaring sound effects, but they’re more than just an on-trend plush. With relatable personalities and goofy features, they’re sure to be a toot—ahem, I mean hoot—this holiday season.



Manufacturer: TOMY
MSRP: $9.99

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