These new Stikbots are creepin’ it real.

Stikbot Monsters are the latest series in Zing‘s line of poseable figures. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Stikbot, then welcome to a world of creativity! Stikbots are figures built with suction cups on their hands and feet, which can stick to almost any flat surface. Almost every part of them are easily movable, so kids can pose them in all different ways.

Then, using the free Stikbot Studio app, available on Apple and Google Play stores for iOs and Android devices, kids can snap individual photos and stitch them together into a complete stop-motion animation. There’s also built-in music and sound effect options to make the movie a lot more legit. Stikbot toys are great for kids who are interested in films or creating them because it’s easy enough to create them all by themselves.

This new series of spooky and frightful figures will inspire totally new stop-motion animation movie ideas. These videos are a lot of fun to make and are super sharable, so kids can then post their creations on social media. They can also and view other movies from others worldwide using the #Stikbot hashtag, and it’s really cool to see what other Stikbot enthusiasts are coming up with.

These creatures live inside monster capsules until kids dare to break them free, so they won’t know which monster they’re unboxing until they open it. There are six different creatures for kids to collect, including Giggles, a dark and mean clown; Grim, a spooky skeleton; Goblin, a green and mischievous supernatural being; Insector, a dangerous monster who lives in the woods; Aquafang, a terrifying sea lurker; and Kyron, a four-legged centaur. Each Stikbot Monster has its own level of rarity, adding to the collectibility and tradability of these figures. The blind boxes also make for great accessories for the videos.

Kids can create all different kinds of scary movies, or use their imaginations to tell the tale about how these creatures are actually just trying to live their best lives and are misunderstood. I would totally watch a video of Aquafang just trying to make it through the day without enough coffee.

In addition to these creepy beings that go bump in the night, kids can collect three Mega Monsters. These figures bring on double the horror standing at double the size of their regular Monster counterparts. There’s Cerberus, a fiery, three-headed beast; Scorch, a mighty dragon; and Gigantus, an indestructible giant. Be careful—some of them bite! 😉

Kids can get ready to create more animated movies with Stikbot Monsters and Stikbot Mega Monsters!