FurReal FriendsToy Reviews StarLily, My Magical Unicorn, from Hasbro, is a mystical unicorn with sparkling eyes, velvet skin, fluttering wings, and a colorful horn that will make kids believe in the power of fairy tales.

Ideal for kids ages 4 and up, StarLily is an intelligent, animatronic toy coated in milky white fur. Her silky gold, purple, and pink mane is spread neatly around her propped-up ears, and her sky blue hooves are dotted with stars. She also has a soft tail colored just like her hair, and she carries a lilac colored crystal locket around her neck that bears a message of friendship.

StarLily comes to life right out of the package (and right after you add her batteries!) as a spectrum of bright lights blaze through her horn. Her eyes blink open, her wings begin to flutter, and she croons into a song.

Toy ReviewsStarLily features lots of movement: she can lift her front hoof, bat her eyelashes, and move her neck in rhythmic gestures. She can also be manually re-positioned, so kids can  make her sit, stand, or lie down. However, at times she does fall off to sleep, so you will have to stroke her neck to wake her up.

This unicorn is likely to carry kids on magical, fantasy adventures with their dream pet. To bring their dreams to life, StarLily interacts with kids as they engage with her, and kids will learn more about her mysterious ways as they spend more time with her. Kids can tickle her cheeks and watch her shake her head, stroke her back to make her wings flutter, hug her close for a loving nuzzle, or touch her horn for more fun responses.

StarLily comes with her favorite sweet treat, a Sugar Berry. When she gets hungry, her horn will emit a green glow, and kids can place the Sugar Berry in her mouth to hear her express her gratitude through happy eating sounds.

StarLily is no stranger to the charms of the digital age. Kids can download StarLily, My Magical Unicorn app on their smartphones or tablets and use it to communicate with her. Equipped with this app, kids will enter the enchanted FurEver forest and play adventurous games together with StarLily. They can travel to the Rainbow Falls to play in the water or visit Sugarberry Orchard to get a few treats. The Crystal Caverns feature even more games to play, and kids can win magical charms, which they can use to decorate The Wishing Tree, a beautiful home where StarLily lives.

Most fairy tales end with a happily ever after, and trust me—your kids will enjoy that blissful chapter with StarLily. As they spend time with this unique unicorn, kids will learn to treat her with kindness, loving the peace and harmony that she brings along. At the end of the day, it will be a happily ever after for your entire family.