It was just about a year ago that the world changed.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian made its debut on Disney+ and instantly sent off a frenzy of activity with families everywhere looking to get their hands on The Child.

Sure, the little green one — a “precious little creature,” according to Bounty Hunter’s Guild chief Greef Karga — may have only been referred to as “the asset,” but the world had a new, if erroneous name for the munchkin: Baby Yoda.

A year later, The Child is everywhere, and while rogue Imperials and Bounty Hunters alike have been traversing the galaxy in hopes of securing the asset, The Child himself has secured a coveted spot in the Toy Insider‘s legendary Hot 20 list. With many options on the market, Hasbro‘s Animatronic Edition of The Child is one of the most lifelike depictions of the 50-year-old member of Yoda’s species (Spoiler alert: we may never know what that is!) that every kid will want to bring home this holiday season.

The Child calls upon all kids to serve as his protector through countless imaginary adventures. Standing just 7.2-inches tall, The Child Animatronic Edition features more than 25 sound and motion combinations that kids can activate by touching the top of his head. Baby Yoda emotes with sounds of excitement and laughter while giggling and babbling in sweet baby talk.

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One of the coolest features is that the little one’s ears move, and if he’s so inclined to use the Force? Yes, kids will get to see The Child “do the magic hand thing” just like he does on the show! And, after The Child raises his arm and closes his eyes to put all of his might into using his Force abilities, he lets out a sigh as if he’s just spent. Then it’s time for a “Force nap.”

There is absolutely no denying the cuteness of The Child and with the second season of The Mandalorian premiering new episodes on Fridays through Christmas, you can bet that this little one will be top of mind for kids across the galaxy and in homes not so very far away.

While the standard edition comes in a cloth robe with a removable pendant, parents may want to be on the lookout for a Deluxe Edition that is set for release on Nov. 23. It’s the same Animatronic Edition figure, but it comes with the 3-in-1 carrier seen in the most recent episodes of the show.

If you’re looking for fun, this is the way!