Star Wars The Mandalorian Snack Time Game | Source: Buffalo Games/the Toy Insider

Mando might’ve told Grogu not to play with his food, but Buffalo Games has a different idea for our favorite little 50-year-old toddler.

Star Wars The Mandalorian Snack Time Game is a fun, fast-flipping, frog-launching, head-to-head battle featuring our favorite little buddy from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, Grogu (or The Child … or Baby Yoda … or whatever fun alias you want to use … ) If the game looks a little familiar, that’s because it’s the same setup as Buffalo Games’ Fish Feud (but with a familiar friend’s iconic head shape instead). Players sit on either side of the Grogu head and try to be the first player to get all their frogs to the other side of Grogu by the fastest route possible — feeding him. Let’s dive into this delicious —and simple! — game, shall we?

Star Wars The Mandalorian Snack Time Game | Source: Buffalo Games

Assembly is pretty easy! Just set Grogu up on his stands, slide on his ears, and divvy up the launchers and the frogs, and you’re ready to go. The game is designed for players ages 4 and up, and since the ears take a bit of precision to get on exactly right, littler hands might need help from a grown-up. Once it’s set up, gameplay is easy enough for kids to play independently, so parents can get a few minutes to themselves as kids are flippin’ their frogs.

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Kids simultaneously try to launch all of their frogs to their opponent’s side by sending them flying through Grogu’s wide-open mouth. Since their opponent is doing the same thing, they’ll find themselves in the middle of a flying frog frenzy, so they have to race to be the fastest and the most accurate frog launcher. Once a player has completely cleared their side, they win!

Star Wars The Mandalorian Snack Time Game | Source: Buffalo Games

When the game is over, kids just gather up the frogs and start again. The gameplay is quick, but it is also so fun and silly, kids will want to play over and over again. Plus, that Grogu head is just so darn cute.

Whether their favorite activity is snack time or a Force nap, kids will love this cute little game — and parents will love to play it with them!