Klutz.StarWarsDrawRebelsThe editors of Klutz, a division of Scholastic, are bringing kids ages 8 and up an easy way to draw their favorite Star Wars: Rebels characters in the Star Wars: Draw Rebels activity book. More than just a drawing guide, this 92-page, spiral-bound book comes equipped with everything kids need (from sharpened colored pencils to a big block eraser) to begin their drawing adventures.

Filled with sketching tips and drawing techniques, Star Wars: Draw Rebels has something for beginners and advanced artists alike. With each flip of a page the drawings and details get more advanced, but there’s plenty of space for kids to get the basics down first. With eight sheets of tracing vellum kids can get the hang of tracing Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Garazeb Orrelios, and more, while also learning to draw basic stick figures and shapes right inside the book. Before kids start sketching, they can learn the dos and don’ts of drawing; like why it’s best to work from the inside out instead of starting with the outside details; and why they should sit back from the page and relax while drawing, instead of hunching too closely over their drawings. In addition, the book provides kids with short bios of each character and four to six instructional steps to take while drawing.

From the good guys to the Imperial warriors, kids can learn to draw The Inquisitor, The Rebel’s Ghost ship, Tie Fighters, and more. The best part, though, is that kids can draw more than one version of most characters. So, in the beginning they may only be able to trace Ezra, but later (when they’re looking for a challenge) they can follow the steps to drawing a more detailed version of him in a new pose. And, on the last page, kids can put all of their practice to the test as they’re challenged to draw a picture of Zeb holding up a Stormtrooper. Here, there are no guides or helpful hints, kids will just have to channel everything they’ve learned along the way and draw!

Budding artists can become a pro in no time and while kids can practice drawing on additional pieces of paper, there’s more than enough room for them to keep all of their drawings confined to the book’s pages. And that way, they’re all in one convenient place for when kids want to show them off.