We may be venturing over to the Dark Side for this one, but the only force at work here is good old fashioned fun.

With Thinkway Toys’ new Darth Vader animatronic interactive figure, kids can bring their favorite interstellar villain to life and let their imaginations blast off into oblivion. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, this 17-inch-tall deluxe collector’s edition Dark Lord is bound to get any young Jedi excited about joining the Dark Side. When I first took this figure out of the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised at its size. It’s sure to stand tall amongst any action figures currently in the household.

Based on digital data from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, this deluxe collector’s edition Darth Vader figure does not feel cheap. He’s made mostly of hard, black plastic, with a rubber belt and shoulder pad. He even has a detachable black cloth cape that is impressively large. Only the best for the Dark Lord.

This figure really comes to life though through its interactive features. Donning a motion-activated Lightsaber with realistic moves, kids can wave it and watch it illuminate. They can even raise his left arm to hear him come alive with voice and animated actions. He even uses sound effects straight from the classic fantasy film from which he was inspired. With 31 points of articulation and a swiveling torso, there are a countless number of different poses that kids can create, which fuels their creativity and imagination.

But wait, there’s more! (Is this an infomercial or a written review?)

Three different play modes give kids a variety of ways to take action with this figure. In interactive training mode, kids practice commanding the lightsaber at a slow, medium, or high speed. Depending on the speed of their movements, Darth Vader will comment different things. If for example, you slowly move the lightsaber, the Dark Lord will reply: “If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.” Increase your speed, and you’ll be greeted with phrases like “Impressive” and “You have learned much, young one.” It’s a truly interactive experience that allows total Star Wars immersion. In interactive battle mode, kids can press the panel on Darth Vader’s chest for a lightsaber light show complete with exciting sound effects. And in talk mode, kids can watch his upper body twist and move as he sounds off with some of his most famous lines.

Stormtrooper and At-At animatronic interactive figures are also available.