StarDarlings Starland Group ShotKids can bring the world of Star Darlings to Earth and do their part to save Starland with the help of the spunky and adventurous girls from Starling Academy.

Based off the characters from Disney’s Star Darlings book series and TV show, Jakks Pacific brings the Star Darlings to life in the form of fierce fashion dolls. Sage, Leona, Scarlet, Libby, and Vega possess all the traits necessary for the important job of saving the planet. Bold, intelligent, optimistic, ambitious, confident, and so much more, these sparkling wish-granters are all about positive energy!

Each one of these 11-inch, poseable dolls is dressed to display her individual vibrant and unique style. Sage comes ready for adventure wearing her familiar star-studded purple dress, matching striped leggings, and boots. She sports a detachable purple and silver star necklace, and her long purple hair is curled at the ends and adorned with a purple tiara to complete the look.

Leona is all about that gold sparkle with a glittery gold tunic, gold pants, and gold wedge shoes. Her outfit is complete with a detachable star belt and curled yellow hair.

Scarlet brings the attitude with a leather jacket, black combat boots, and a silver belt. Her pink and purple hair is kept up and out of the way in a pony tail so she can focus on staving off negative energy and saving the planet.

Libby looks as sweet as her personality in a pink wrap around top, white detachable star necklace, a watermelon-colored skirt and heels, and long wavy pink hair.

Last but not least, Vega looks astronomically cool with her short blue bob, detachable silver belt, and silver-detailed glitzy ensemble. Her blue and white high-top sneakers are perfect for a day of studying at the library or an afternoon of Star Darling training.

The dolls also feature shimmer skin in a variety of shades and super detailed sparkling Royal Reflection eyes that are nothing short of enchanting. Each Star Darling comes with a matching “crystal” ring kids can wear to help collect positive energy.

With the Star Darlings, kids have fun while learning about how positive thinking and hard work can make wishes come true, and all of Starland can breathe a little easier knowing that it’s in good hands.