Delve into Stampy Cat’s Lovely World

StampysLovelyBookThe wonderful and quirky persona of Stampy Cat jumps out of the Internet and into the pages of the first and only book based on the YouTube sensation. Justly titled Stampy’s Lovely Book, from Random House Children’s Books, kids will love turning page after page to follow one of their favorite web celebrities on new adventures, including games, activities, tips, jokes, and exclusive information about Stampy and his friends. This 70-page book is jam-packed with content that will keep them far away from boredom.

Joseph Garrett wrote the book—he’s the guy that runs the Stampylonghead channel on YouTube and mainly plays video games in the persona of Stampy Cat, most famous for his Minecraft videos. Viewers can also find the orange cat also playing other games such as Disney Infinity and Skylanders. Stampy Cat’s YouTube channel has more views than Katy Perry and One Direction (I know, not even Harry Style’s hair can beat this whimsical cat).

Some other really impressive facts: Stampy Cat’s YouTube channel has more than 6.5 million subscribers and 4.1 billion cumulative views on YouTube. His videos also average more than 47 million views a month and the channel was in the top 10 most-viewed channels worldwide in 2014. If you’re still wondering who Stampy Cat is, check out this video that pretty much sums it up (I’d like to dedicate this review to the really cute baby purple sheep that you’ll see in this video montage):

This graph wholeheartedly speaks to me on a spiritual level.
This graph wholeheartedly speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Stampy’s Lovely Book perfectly captures what the YouTube channel stands for, and kids will probably be reading the book in Stampy’s voice without even realizing it. The book features all of the elements fans of the YouTube channel would ever want in a book: an about me page, facts about friends, fan art, and fan Stampy-themed craft projects (including a Stampy Cat pizza—someone PLEASE design a pizza inspired by my face).

The book then delves into fun activities and things kids can do on their own, from a game of Would You Rather? to hide and seek and boredom challenges to quite possibly my favorite pages in the whole entire book, a whole spread based on painful puns. One of my favorites is, “The cake has risen to the occasion.” It slays me.

How did I do?!
How did I do?!

The best part about this book is that there are tons of things for kids to do both inside and outside of the book. There are places specifically designed for kids to draw in, such as a maze or a spot the difference puzzle, but also is a way to initiate fun play outside of the book, such as baking a cake and a guide on how to draw Stampy Cat.

Stampy Cat’s Lovely Book will keep kids entertained for hours and gives them a chance to interact with a favorite YouTube stars in a whole new way.



MSRP: $9.99

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