Stacking just got extra fun and extra musical.

The Stack & Tumble Elephant, by LeapFrog, is a brightly colored elephant pal that doubles as a stacking toy. Kids can stack the five textured rings on her long trunk to help build their fine motor skills.

As kids place each ring, the elephant will announce colors, numbers, and shapes to kids.  She sure is one bubbly elephant— with absolutely no shortage of cuteness. She will charm kids with her cute sayings such as “you make me happy,” in between teaching them new lessons.

Stack & Tumble Elephant has a secret talent, too —she can sing! Press her snout and she’ll sing kids a learning song. By hearing new things through catchy tunes, kids are more likely to remember them. And don’t think that just because she has a long trunk she has a nasally voice—Stack & Tumble Elephant is 11/10 star material. Catch her on Elephant Idol! And if she’s too loud, kids can adjust her volume with the switch located by her tail.

To continue, there are five buttons on her trunk that coordinate with the color of the rings. Kids should aim to place the orange ring on the orange button, the purple ring on the purple button, and so on.  This will help kids visualize the words Stack & Tumble Elephant is saying. She also has patterned ears: One ear has shapes and the other is one has numbers on it. She’s so fun to play with, but geez, she seems like she has allergies or something. Hmm. I guess we’ll find out.

You’re probably wondering why she’s called Stack & Tumble Elephant? The stack part we got nailed down. All the colorful rings go on her long trunk. But uh oh….it’s happening(!!!)…she’s gotta sneeze! She’s motioning her head, she’s going to blow, and all the rings are going to come tumbling off her trunk!

Fortunately, Stack & Tumble Elephant doesn’t motion her head and knock all the rings off without kids prompting her to. The trick is pushing down her tail to get her to sneeze, which will send the rings tumbling off her trunk.  She won’t knock the rings off unless kids push her tail. But now that the rings have all tumbled off, let’s pick them back up and play again!

Stack & Tumble Elephant is not only fun, (and ridiculously cute) but also educational, as she really helps kids hone in on their numbers, colors and shapes. Plus, she won’t get you sick with ALL her sneezes! 

Happy stacking!