Squishy, smooshy, slimy, stretchy. What kid doesn’t love a toy that’s gushy, mushy, and oddly satisfying to squish?

No one is immune to the allure of these toys—even adults have stress balls within arms’ reach on their desks. From quirky collectibles kids can smash up into the tiniest balls and watch them slowly rise back up, to the goopiest of slime recipes that let them get the messy out of their systems, here’s the squishiest and gooeiest of the bunch!

Smooshy Mushy (RedwoodVentures)

Meet the Smooshies, cute little scented food and animal hybrid characters that come with their own miniature squishy sidekicks in a blind bag. There’s 24 food-themed collectables, including Suki Squirrel, a squirrel with spaghetti and meatballs on its head, and its companion Nimi Nut, a peanut all dressed up with a fancy bow on its head. Or, say hello to Babsy Bear, a teddy bear with a frosted waffle hat and its sidekick Barley Bacon, a smiley faced slab of bacon. Kids will love these whimsical collectibles, and—true to their name—they’re super smooshy and mushy, ready to be smushed and smashed so they can slowly plump back to original form.

Unicorn Slimy Gloop (Horizon Group USA)

This DIY kit is right on trend with tons of gloopy slimy goodness that kids can make themselves. Kids can tap into their creative sides by mixing all the ingredients, like dyes and glue, to make a vibrant and putty-like goo. There are sparkly add-ins like sparkling acrylic gemstones to make it glitzy and magical, like it came straight from a unicorn!

OrbSlimy Elasti Plasti (ORB)

It’s super stretchy colorful fun! Blowing bubbles is cool and all, but OrbSlimy Elasti Plasti pumps it up a notch by letting kids stick a straw into the soft plastic and blow bubbles up to 20 times its original size. It’s almost like magic how the Elasti Plasti can expand up to 100 times its size. Kids can see how far they can pull it for some good, clean, stretchy fun!

Squish-Dee-Lish (Jakks Pacific)

You can never get enough food-themed squishies, and kids can add to their collection with these super soft slow-rise foamy creatures. Squish-Dee-Lish features colorful animal characters combined with Dee-Lish foods, like a panda on top of pancakes, a Sherbert bird, and a pear bear. They come in blind packaging so kids can collect them all, and they’re deliciously addicting to squeeze!

Compound Kings Makin’ Station (WeCool Toys)

Kids can make their own slime with some DIY action and really dig deep to get into the ooey-gooey of it all. This kit is all about simplicity—all it takes is two simple ingredients, powder and water, to make more than a pound of slime that can be customized with neon colors and different glitters. It even comes with little pocket-sized storage pods so kids can take their slime to go!