ICYMI squishies are the newest up-and-coming “Mom, I have to have this” toy. They’re colorful, adorable, and as the name suggests, very squishable. And Jakks Pacific has some squishies that are very hard to resist-y.

Squish-Dee-Lish, by Jakks Pacific, are squishable, slow-rising, lovable handheld friends. These colorful pals differ from other squishies on the market as they resemble whimsical animal pals—in addition to desserts. What makes Squish-Dee-Lish unique is that the animal figures are meshed with foods to make some insanely adorable foodie-animal hybrid characters. Think: panda on top of a pancake, a piggy in a croissant, a sprinkly kitty cupcake, a bunny cupcake with pink icing, and a purple ombre grape bear.

Just opening up the Squish-Dee-Lish packaging is a thrill in itself. Each Squish-Dee-Lish figure is sold separately and wrapped in a blind foil bag. There are 24 squishies in the first series, which is the only series out so far. Kids won’t know which squishy they’ll get until they open it up.

Each new squeezy friend fits in the a kid’s palm and makes for a cute new desk or locker trinket TBH. But the best thing about these squishies is, well, the squish.

Squish-Dee-Lish are ultra soft and ultra amazing! Squish each one and watch it slowly rise back to normal. It’s actually very mesmerizing and relaxing. They’re like stress balls in the form of adorable happy character friends. It’s love at first squish.

While these squishies are not scented per say, they actually smell great, unlike rubber duckies which just reek of processed rubber. Squish-Dee-Lish don’t smell like the material they’re crafted from, but instead have a subtle vanilla scent. Also, they’re large enough that they’re not a choking hazard (just in case the kids do mistake their turtle with a hamburger shell as an actual hamburger).

These portable playthings may be marketed for kids, but they make great stress relievers. It’s hard to not pick one up and give it a good squeeze. They also really add some pizzaz to a desk with their cute faces and upbeat color schemes. Fortunately they’re perfectly sized so they can be pretty much be taken everywhere.

Bottom line: The squish is pretty hard to resist. And gee, just look at their charming eyes!