Squeeze. Squish. Repeat.

The slow-rise collectible craze is here and as addictive as ever.  The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. adds a new twist with its latest collection of creatures. Meet: Squeezamals. A hybrid of the company’s adorable Suprizamals and a squishy toy, this new line combines all the elements kids love into a new gang of friends to collect. These collectibles are fun to watch in action: Kids can hold them in the palm of their hands and feel their soft textures, and then press them down and watch them slowly rise.

The line features super soft, super squishy, slow-rise foam stuffed animals. Each 3.5-inch Squeezamal has an endearing round body with unique characteristics and colors. There are currently 19 Squeezamals to collect, and with so many adorable creatures to choose from, they will crawl their way into kids’ hearts in no time.

Penelope is a pink piglet with heart-shaped ears, while Sophia is a sheep that features soft, creamy colors and upside-down heart-shaped ears. Ollie is an owl that demands attention thanks to its blue and bright pink body. Also akin to stand out, Cassie is a kitty cat that is covered in teal and purple colors. And, what is a collectibles line without at least one unicorn? Uma is white and purple with a blue horn in the middle of its head. Other creatures available to collect include a panda, a monkey, a fox, a narwhal, a penguin, and more.

Squeezamals give kids the collectibles they love in adorable, slow-rise styles. Collect ’em all and get to know all there is about these quirky cuties.