Squeezamals Freeze N Squeeze GameWe all scream for ice cream  — and there will be squeals of laughter when you play the Squeezamals Freeze ‘n Squeeze Game, from Big G Creative. Part collectible and part party game, this is a modern take on Hot Potato.

Kids ages 6 and up can take turns making a yummy treat for their Squeezamal to enjoy. To start, players each take three coins. One person becomes the Spinner player and another person holds the Squeezamal.

The Spinner Player spins the spinner. If they land on the ice cream image, they get to place one of the Banana Split tiles in the center. Starting from the bottom up, the Spinner player builds a banana split while the other players pass the Squeezamal amongst each other.

When the Spinner Player puts the cherry on top of the Banana Split, he or she yells “Freeze”! Whomever is caught holding the Squeezamal when it’s time to eat must pay for the treat. That player places one of their coins in the center. When a player runs out of coins, the game ends, and the person with the most coins wins.

Kids will love the exclusive Squeezamal found only in the game. Parents may find keeping track of the collectible plush a challenge though. The kids will want to play with the Squeezemal even when the game is put away. Also, the box does not have storage capability to keep the spinner, the tiles or the coins contained, so parents may need to find another option to keep the pieces from getting lost.

Designed for four to eight players, the Freeze ‘n Squeeze Game is fun for Friday game night or for a kids’ party — the more players that play, the more fun can be had! The playing time is about 15 minutes, yet, the fun will last long after.