Balloon animals have always seemed a little bit magical, right? How do those artists turn one long balloon into an adorable little creature? Now imagine that balloon animal coming to life. Introducing: Squeakee The Balloon Dog!

This adorable, interactive balloon animal from Moose Toys is designed for kids ages 5 and up, blending traditional elements of an interactive toy dog with fun, balloon-inspired touches. There are a lot of ways to play with Squeakee, all laid out in a visual guide that comes with the toy. To start, Squeakee loves to get his ears and stomach rubbed, and he will respond with happy balloon squeaking noises! For the other interactive elements, kids can use the three accessories that come with Squeakee: a squeaker toy, a pump, and a pin.

Using a combination of touch sensors and the squeaker toy, for example, kids can train Squeakee to perform classic dog tricks, including shake, beg, and sit — check out my dog and Squeakee practicing “sit” together!

Just like a real dog, Squeakee also needs to be fed. But unlike a real dog, Squeakee gets fed “air,” which kids can give him by pushing the air pump into his mouth. Once he’s full, Squeakee might fart or pee (indicated by sound effects and a yellow light that shines on the floor), which is certain to be a laughter-inducing hit with onlookers of any age!

Sometimes, if you yell at Squeakee or use the included pin to push a small button on his back, Squeakee will “pop” and dramatically lay down, with accompanying sound effects. Then, kids can “reinflate” Squeakee by feeding him with the pump. Squeakee is able to stand himself back up from any position, which is impressive to watch.

It’s important to note that, while Squeakee pretends to inflate or deflate, the toy is made of a solid plastic that does not change size. While performing his tricks and moving his limbs to stand back up, the toy frequently hits whatever surface it’s sitting on. He certainly doesn’t hit hard enough to cause any damage, but any excess noise is easy to avoid by playing with Squeakee on the carpet.

I also love that Moose Toys considers that kids might misplace some of Squeakee’s accessories over time. The instruction booklet includes tips about what to do if you lose the pin or the pump, so the Squeakee fun can keep going.

Overall, Squeakee is so delightful to watch — for adults and kids alike, in my experience — and provides a fun new take on interactive pet toys. This is a toy that kids will love to bring out and show off to friends and relatives who come to visit, or even over video chat. With more than 60 sounds and motions to discover, Squeakee is sure to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family!