Squeakee Minis Heelie | Source: Moose Toys/the Toy Insider

If you’re familiar with Squeakee the Balloon dog, he’s now getting some smaller balloon animal friends with Squeakee Minis from Moose Toys.

These tiny interactive pets pack the same amount of fun and cuteness into a more compact size. While Squeakee the Balloon Dog has a large personality on his own, his little siblings might have even bigger ones. There are three different balloon animals to choose from: Poppy, the pink bunny with large floppy ears and a hoppy personality; Billo, the purple monkey with a booming voice; and Heelie the puppy, who is a smaller, blue version of Squeakee. While they look like balloons, they actually have a hard, solid body so they will always stay in tact.

Squeakee Minis Poppy | Source: Moose Toys

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, these pets are significantly smaller than the original Squeakee and their tricks are found more in their words than their actions. They may not be able to roll over or play fetch, but they sure can talk — or at least play back funny recordings of kids’ voices. Kids can push the button on their animal’s balloon-tied mouth to activate a microphone located on its chest, then say anything they’d like and tap the Squeakee Mini’s head to hear their words repeated back in a helium-like fashion. I had a small conversation with two of mine, which lasted as long as one could imagine two balloons talking would.

The balloon animals can only repeat one phrase at a time so when kids are ready to delete their message, all they have to do is press the mouth button to record a new one or tap the animal’s head to go back to its default squeak. Keep in mind how hyper-sensitive the sensors are on the toys: I waited two seconds to record my message so that the mic didn’t cut off the first part.

Like any real pet, Squeakee Minis want a little love. Kids can pet the top of the balloon animals’ heads to hear a joyful squeak that only gets louder the more kids pet them. If they are left alone for longer than two minutes, they will angrily squeak for attention and will eventually go into sleep mode. Kids can easily wake them up with a little tap on the mouth.

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Just like their big brother, the Squeakee Minis get hungry, too. Kids can blow air into the mic as a way to “feed” them, but be careful! Blow too much, and the balloon animals will pop. Not really, but they will make a booming, popping sound.

Squeakee Minis Billo | Source: Moose Toys

Unlike the larger versions, Squeakee Minis do not move: Most of the play will come from the conversations kids will have with them and the funny sounds and voice-changing effects that they make. Even though they can’t walk around, these toy pets can still simulate how kids can care for an animal in a smaller and more affordable way. If parents don’t want to make a commitment for the larger version, the Squeakee Minis are simple, easy to take care of, and are only a fraction of the price. At $9.89 each, these little creatures are prime for play anywhere, anytime for balloon animal fun that will never pop.