With the new Sqand Sand ‘n Sea Adventure Set, from Cra-Z-Art, kids can construct underwater masterpieces with a quick little squirt, squiggle, and squish! Designed for creative minds ages 6 and up, the set includes four vibrant colors of Sqand, a bow vu-styled tank, two Sqand dispensing bottles, a scoop tool (it doubles as a rake), four toy fish, and a background cling to serve as a scenic backdrop.

Before I continue, allow me to explain the weirdness that is Sqand, in case you’re like me and wasn’t aware of it in the ’90s. On the surface (pun alert!), Sqand looks and feels fine, like the sand that lines the beaches of Siesta Key, Florida. But quite plainly, Sqand is just sand in the open air. When it dives below the surface however, it becomes moldable and shapeable. Once it’s taken out of the water, it magically becomes dry. I swear it’s like something out of a J.K. Rowling novel because it’s that amazing and I just don’t understand it.

Young ones lucky enough to get their hands on the Sand ‘n Sea Adventure Set should waste no time checking out Sqand for themselves. After all, seeing is believing. To start, kids can fill the dispensing bottles halfway with the sand color of their choice. There’s purple, green, pink, and blue to choose from. The bottle’s cap doubles as a makeshift funnel, but I suggest an adult’s help with this part to avoid a mess.SandPacketsOnce the tank is filled with water and the bottles are loaded with Sqand, the underwater remodeling can begin. To dispense the Sqand, kids can place their finger over the bottle tip and submerge it. Next, they can release their finger and gently squeeze to send thousands upon thousands of colorful grains spewing into the water. And if kids pull upward as they squeeze, they can create cool pillars just like I did (kind of). It takes practice, okay?! Check out my skills below.



With the Sqand Sand ‘n Sea Adventure Set, young artists can express themselves in an entirely new way, as they create amazing underwater sculptures and bring their ideas to life. And with the rake tool that doubles as a scooper, kids can make adjustments to their creations and even remove unwanted Sqand. The scooper end of the tool even has a sifter, which drains the water from the Sqand and leaves it dry for re-packaging. That means more play time, another time.