The Sprinkle Art Shaker, from Crayola, brings all the fun of real-life sprinkles into a craftable, easy-to-clean toy.

The set includes 12 design sheets, and they come with sweet pictures of cakes, ice cream, and donuts. Place the sheet underneath the adjustable bands to keep it in place. Kids can use glue to cover the outlines and anything else that their imagination conjures. Then, they place the sprinkle bottle and close the lid. Shake the toy so that the sprinkles can rush out of their bottle and onto the picture, magically staying on the paper. 

Beware: Kids must use one color at a time, or the outline will become a rainbow (not necessarily a bad thing). Custom artwork becomes more difficult if the outline is done first because the sprinkles can block anything trying to get past them.

A nice bonus is that kids can actually get the sprinkles back into the bottle. They have to tap, shake, and move around the art shaker until the sprinkles travel through a funnel to get back where they belong. Just as in real life, it’s impossible to clean up all of the sprinkles. If they do manage to get loose, it can be difficult to find them all. Chalk it up to one of those unavoidable crafting hazards.

The Sprinkle Art Shaker lets kids use their imaginations to complete fun creations. When they run out of sweet designs, there are expansion packs with more ideas, such as unicorns, to keep the fun going.