Spookley the Square Pumpkin and JellyBean the Easter Chick | Source: Holiday Hill Enterprises

Add some spooky goodness — or should we say, Spookley goodness — to Easter with a holiday special featuring Spookley the Square Pumpkin and his Holiday Hill Farm friends.

The friendly pumpkin is returning to the screen for two new shorts. The Spookley Easter Show is 12 minutes long and features an Easter-themed variety show. Kids can watch as Spookley and his crew prepare for the Holiday Hill Farm egg-decorating contest, and as Spookley figures out how to pick a contest winner without hurting anyone’s feelings. What A Colorful Day! is a 2-minute short in which Spookley and JellyBean the Easter chick sing about the beautiful spring colors of Holiday Hill Farm.

What A Colorful Day! will begin airing on Disney Junior on April 8, also launching that same day on the Disney Junior YouTube and in DisneyNOW. Fans can also tune in on the Official Spookley YouTube channel to watch it starting on April 10. The Spookley Easter Show will premiere on April 8 in DisneyNOW and on the Official Spookley YouTube channel.

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These shorts are the latest in a series of Holiday Hill Farm celebrations that began last Halloween and will continue to roll out throughout the year.  Spookley and JellyBean will also star in Spookley and the Unbreakable Egg, a 45-minute Holiday Hill Farm animated holiday special that is currently in the works.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin is a literary-based franchise from production company Holiday Hill Enterprises. Spookley and his Holiday Hill Farm friends continue to appear in animated TV specials, music videos, books, stage shows, and more.