Bug lovers, pranksters, and those with iron stomachs, unite! NSI International’s Splat Bugs are here to make the squeamish squirm.

Kids can fill up these realistic-looking bugs with the included green “goo” and orange “guts.” Each bug pack includes a tube of these nontoxic compounds. Once kids fill up their bugs, they can squeeze, squish, stomp, smash, and splat them. Any kid who loves super gross or creepy toys will absolutely love Splat Bugs — they provide all the heebie-jeebie-ness (an expert term) of fake bugs with the perfect tactile squish and ooze of slimy compounds.

But if you’re going to bring these critters into your house, be ready to be pranked. They’re the perfect accessory for little pranksters to have fun “Gotcha!” moments around the house.

Aside from pranks, Splat Bugs open up a whole opportunity to squish and play. Because kids can refill them over and over again after they “splat” them, they can design their own games and play patterns with these ooey, gooey, creepy crawlies.

There are nine Splat Bugs to collect — Whacka Wasp, Spider Splatter, Gross-Out Grub, Squashin’ Ant, Slimeball Slug, Cruncha Roach, Horrible Horsefly, Scorpion Squirt, and Lice Loogie — and, I have to admit, just typing their names made me a little queasy.

From the makers of the Wubble Ball and Laser X, Splat Bugs are available in single packs — or if kids can’t get enough, three-packs. They are also available in a special online offer that comes with six Splat Bugs and the tubes of goo and guts.