With Splash and Play Mermaid, from Madame Alexander, bath time can go from a chore to something kids wait for anxiously! Every day is an undersea adventure waiting to happen.

The doll can go completely underwater and is encouraged to be used in the bathtub. There are special draining holes at the bottom of its feet to make sure no water gets stuck inside. Just hang the doll up after tub time so all the water can get out. 

Madame Alexander is known for its beautifully detailed dolls that double as both toy and collectible. The company’s mission is to make toys that last. This doll makes no exception with its rosy cheeks and glossy eyes. It comes dressed to swim in a white top with bright-pink seashell accents and scaly blue shorts. The included mermaid tail towel is perfect for drying off the little swimmer. The included bottle and fish can be used in or out of the tub.

Imagination is the key to having fun with this doll. Kids don’t just have to nurture the doll and pretend to be a grown-up. They can pretend that they are mermaids, too! 

The small scale of this doll is perfect for little hands. It’s just 12 inches long and made with gentle plastic limbs and a soft, squishable belly. Parents can store the Splash and Play Mermaid in the bathroom or be carry it along on a summer day at the beach. Plus, the accessories take up very little space and can be used with a kid’s other toys.