Kahootz Toys is putting a new spin on Spirograph—and it’s shaping up to be a hit.

The company has a great line of reinvented Spirograph sets, including a My Little Pony kit and a kit designed specifically for preschoolers. But Spirograph Shapes has to be the most revamped version of the classic toy—and definitely the most different.

This set gives Spirograph a whole new look—quite literally.  The three new Spirograph Precision Rings feature the traditional circle, but also a square and a triangle as well. These new rings set the stage for all new Spirograph designs. Combined with the new Spirograph Precision Wheels, kids can create intricate designs like never before.

The new shaped wheels include a barrel, a trapezoid, a pentagon, a heart, an egg, a square, a hexagon, a star, a teardrop, an ellipse, a shield, and a diamond. Some of the shapes, such as the square and the pentagon, are easier to use than others, but I was able to even master the tricker ones—such as the heart and teardrop—relatively quickly, and was a Spirograph pro in no time.

Unlike the Spirograph sets from decades ago, the new Kahootz sets comes with reusable Spiro-Putty, instead of the pins that used to hold the ring in place. This is great because it is 1) much safer, and 2) doesn’t leave the play area scattered with lost pins. The set also comes with three design markers in red, blue, and green, so kids can draw beautiful and colorful creations.

While Spirograph Shapes does come with a 14-page guidebook to spark ideas for kids’ creations, trial and error with the new shapes allow them to come up with very cool designs on their own. The Spirograph designs can then be used to create artwork, decorate homemade cards, and more.

Parents will also love that the sturdy box doubles as a handy organizer tray for storage. All of the rings, wheels, and markers snap in. Spirograph Shapes also comes with two drawing pads that are shaped like the box, so everything can pack up neatly inside when playtime is done.