2014 Hottest Toys Olympus Digital CameraNothing brings on the almost-teary-eyed nostalgia quite like seeing your kid fall in love with a toy you loved yourself when you were younger (and probably still love to this day). Spirograph celebrates the Big 5-0 this year, and it is bigger and better than ever, thanks to Kahootz Toys. (You can see The Original Super Spirograph Set that features the commemorative gold metal wheel here.) But don’t worry—Spirograph sets are by no means old and stuffy. Kahootz updated this old-school toy for kids today, with great sets of all sizes.

A really fun Spirograph set new to this year is one designed for little creative minds. The Original Spirograph Art Studio is the ultimate spiro-art set and is chock-full of artists’ supplies to take your Spirograph artwork above and beyond. It, of course, contains the icon wheels that we all know and love—19 of them to be exact. They are re-engineered updated rings from the kits that parents played with, built for a new generation of spiro-artists. The kit includes three retractable ballpoint pens as well as design markers and colored pencils. However, if you happen to misplace some of the included supplies, or feel like expanding your creativity even further, the wheels work with most standard pens, markers, and pencils as well.

One of the best parts about Spirograph kits is the durable carrying case that lets you store all of the supplies, wheels, paper, and the included design guide. The carrying case has a nifty handle that allows you to take your art studio on all of your travels. The design guide is helpful for those of my ilk when it comes to artistic talent, mapping out each step carefully so you can learn to create the best designs, no matter your skill level. It also gives you fun project ideas so kids can incorporate the included pattern scissors, self-inking stamp, glue stick, and stickers as well.

So get those creative wheels spinning. The Original Spirograph Art Studio allows you to let your artistic flag fly.