Zing Toys unveils a whole new layer to fidget spinners—literally.

Spinzipz shakes up the fidget spinnner trend by adding in two motion-sensitive LED lights for cool glow effects as kids spin. Each Spinzipz features two different color lights, so that kids can see different colors as they perform fidget spinner tricks. The Spinzipz are available in red, blue, green, and yellow—each featuring different light combos.

Zing’s Spinzipz line feature both Spinzipz that feature a double blade, and Spinbladez that feature three blades. Kids can hold the spinners inbetween their index finger and thumb and flick it to start the spin and see how long they can keep it spinning. Those who are more advanced with their tricks can continue to build up their skills and spin in new ways. I’m still trying to master the single-finger balance spin, but am really looking forward to becoming a spinning pro.

You may be thinking that the lights are pretty cool, but why choose these Spinzipz over other spinners out there on the market—and that’s where that extra layer comes in. Spinzipz are actually the only stackable spinners (so far) out there on the market. They feature the special SpinPin, which attaches to the spinner and allows kids to spin multiple spinners at once. Plus, add in those LED lights and you’ve got the coolest new way to fidget. The SpinPin works with both the Spinzipz and Spinbladez, so kids can stack up their spinners however they would like.

So, while you can’t go anywhere without seeing a bunch of kids playing with all different types of fidget spinners, its important to get products that you know are quality—and you get that with Zing Toys. These plastic spinners are durable and well balanced, so they spin well and can survive inevitable drops. Parents will love that they’re getting their moneys worth, while kids will love spinners that offer cool effects unlike any others.