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Going to school with a bunch of mermaid classmates would make math class way more interesting.

Spin Master is launching Mermaid High Fashion Dolls later this week, along with an animated YouTube series, and a vlog-style YouTube series. Searra, Finly, Oceanna, and Mari are mermaids who flip their tails into legs during the day to navigate the unchartered waters of high school (on land) while keeping their mermaid secret from their new human friends.

Mermaid High Fashion Dolls | Source: Spin Master

The Mermaid High Fashion Dolls come with removable, fabric mermaid tails; stylish outfits; and six accessories, such as sunglasses, beach duffle bags, shell headphones, and tentacle headbands. Kids can style the dolls‘ hair with the included comb and learn more about each girl’s personality from their Mermaid High Student ID. Each Mermaid High Doll also includes a surprise accessory hidden inside a shell. Kids can drop the shell into a bowl of warm water to watch it magically pop open, revealing another accessory to add to the doll’s look. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the Mermaid High Fashion Dolls will be available on Oct. 22 at all major retailers for $26.99 each.

The first episode of the Mermaid High animated series will debut on the Mermaid High YouTube channel on Oct. 23. Kids can dive deeper into the mermaid characters’ stories with 10 2–3-minute animated shorts. Each episode follows the mermaids as they swim to shore and face the challenges of high school and the challenges of growing up, fitting in, and not popping a tail in class! Kids can tune in to new episodes bi-weekly.

The Mermaid High Deep Dive Vlog will also be available on the Mermaid High YouTube channel with 10 8-10-minute episodes that complement the animated shorts. The vlog-style episodes will feature live talent, recaps on the animated series (including Easter eggs hidden in each episode), chit chat about what’s happening at the Mermaid High school, tutorials on “How to Look Like Your Favorite Mermaid,” Mermaid HIgh doll style inspiration, and character quizzes. The first episode of the Mermaid High Deep Dive Vlog will be available on Oct. 30, with new episodes released bi-weekly.

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Singer-songwriter Claire Rosinkranz will host a YouTube Live on Saturday, Oct. 23 at noon EDT to introduce the brand with a performance of “Mermaid High,” the theme song that describes the dual worlds that the characters experience as they keep their mermaid secret. She will also perform four of her own original songs. The “Mermaid High” song will also be available on Spotify.

Mermaid High is also making an appearance in Roblox, in the role-playing game Mermaid Life, developed by Fullflower Studio. Beginning on Nov. 1, players will be able to purchase the Mermaid High dolls’ outfits and accessories to play with in the app. Each week, there will be a new quest based on each of the Mermaid High characters that give players a chance to get exclusive items. The event will culminate with a dance party featuring the “Mermaid High” theme song.