FatBrainToys.SpinAgainFat Brain Toy Co. is putting a new spin on stacking toys—literally.

Spin Again is a mesmerizing new stacking toy that features vibrant colors, exciting shapes, and enchanting movement. Toddlers ages 1 and up can develop motor, sensory, and sequencing skills while delighting in the whirling motion of the brilliant discs.

Like classic stacking toys, Spin Again includes a pole, a base, and six discs of varying size. Three discs feature round edges and circular divots, like a daisy flower, while the other three have pointed edges and star bursts, like a swirling sun. Each disc is two-sided with a different color on each side, allowing more challenging stacking patterns as kids continue to develop.

Kids can insert the discs onto the poll and watch as they embark on a twirling, spiraling journey to the base. Discs can be stacked by size, color, shape, or at random. And once the stacking is complete, just pick the pole up out of the base, and watch as the discs zoom off and onto the floor, ready for more stacking fun.

The base works two ways: sturdy, or wobble, giving kids a different experience every time they play. You can even forget the base entirely, and hold the pole at both ends to let the discs spin up and down on an endless loop.

Spin Again is a revolutionary toy, taking a classic play pattern giving it an inventive twist.