Retro toys are one of the biggest trends in toys. What is old is new, and a new generation of kids is getting the opportunity to play with some of the most popular toys from 20 and 30 years ago. One of those new retro toys is Speak and Spell, from Basic Fun!

The original Speak and Spell made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in 1978. It was the first toy designed to help kids learn to spell more than 200 commonly misspelled words by using a speech synthesizer. Now, a whole new generation can enjoy this classic toy with friends and family. Individually, kids will work on their creative-thinking and memory skills, in addition to spelling.

This Speak & Spell looks and sounds like the original. It sports the classic ’80s design and authentic, pixelated graphics. The synthesized voice will bring back memories for grown-ups while exposing kids to the traditional gameplay. The device includes the required three AA batteries, too.

With the five modes, kids will think they are playing, while parents know they are learning. Modes include Spell mode, Mystery Word mode, Say It mode, Secret Code mode, and Letter mode.

The Spell mode requires kids to spell the word after hearing the automated voice say it. In the Mystery mode, kids figure out the word by guessing the letters. Say It mode asks kids to pronounce and spell the word as it appears on the screen. In Secret Code mode, kids enter a word, and the console will generate a secret code. Finally, in Letter mode, kids will hear the letter pronounced to reinforce audio and visual learning. There are multiple challenge modes, as well, to keep things interesting as kids learn.

All in all, this Speak & Spell is perfect for grown-ups who are looking for a fun, educational toy to help kids ages 7 and up with spelling, or for fans or collectors looking to share this classic with a new generation!