Hudson tests out Sparkbox Toys with Real Mom Media
Hudson tests out Sparkbox Toys with Real Mom Media

Recently I was sent a box from a company called Sparkbox Toys to do a review on it.

Of course, being a mom requires a lot of play.  I’m totally down for it as toy testing is my favorite things to do.  So of course I said ‘sure’!  When I got the box and actually had time to sit down and check it out I was floored by the entire concept.  As a mom with a gazillion toys around the house I’ve become more particular in what I buy for them.  (And if you think I’m KIDDING when I say gazillion-I’m not!)  So, the concept behind Sparkbox Toys has totally gotten my interested!

This is how it works:

Their universal hashtag really says it all.  #PlayLearnReturn really does mean – Play, Learn & Return!  Think of it like a rental service for toys.  I see these facebook groups popping up with all these virtual yardsales and moms trying to schlep their kids products to make a few bucks.  For any mom that doesn’t have the time to do that (AHEM. ME!! Although I wish I did!) Sparkbox Toys is a great way to keep up with the clutter too.

Sparkbox is an educational toy subscription service with two goals.  One is to help make your child smarter and the other is to help make parents lives easier!  For a monthly fee, you receive a box of toys shipped to your home and when you’re done, you simply return them with free shipping!

So there is two great points in this that I’d like to point out as a mom.  Many times our kids get something and they NEVER play with it.  And often that becomes a total waste of money, right?  Well here is a chance to be your own personal ‘toy tester’.  With Sparkbox, you can return specific toys your kids aren’t interested in.

You can sign up for 3 different services from 8 weeks to 4 weeks.  They pick the toys based on the ages & developmental needs of your kids and ship you those and you can keep them as long as you want.  And as someone who is the worst at returning items (you don’t even want to know lol) it’s so great to know that they send a return shipping slip so you don’t have to stress over it.  Fabulous right?

As someone who works with a lot of toys and toy companies, it thrills me to see the whole green angle that Sparkbox Toys brings to the table.  It also thrills me to get toys that I actually have never heard of before!  This box that we got had 3 things that I’d never seen and Husdon (my one year old) just loves them!  One thing to keep in mind because I know you’re totally thinking it.  Ew.  Used toys?  Yeah, but know that they go through a crazy sterilization process when they are returned to their offices.  The toys actually came shrinkwrapped when we got them.  AND we didn’t have to fuss with annoying packaging!

I can’t say enough nice things about this form of play.  We all know our kids grow out of everything so fast when they are little – and to have an option that can help us keep the clutter away & toys at play all while helping the environment?

WIN!  (Sparkbox toys is great for kids ages 6 months to 4 years old.)


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