SoundMoovz Is Music That’ll Move You

Music is ever evolving and vastly diverse. There’s jazz, hip-hop, folk, electronic, and more, each with unique instruments that define the genre. And yet, there’s nothing quite like this.

Designed for kids ages 8 and up, SoundMoovz, from Cra-Z-Art, is a motion-activated wearable band that lets kids make music with their movements. There’s no trombone, no guitar, no sax, and certainly no triangle. Instead, kids themselves are the instruments.

SoundMoovz uses the power of Bluetooth and a free app to make music. To start, kids can strap the two adjustable silicone bands to their wrists or their ankles. The choice is theirs. For those who can’t fit the bands around their ankles, fastening them to a pair of sneakers is the next best thing.

The free app features more than 400 sounds and musical effects that kids can use to create sweet tunes. They can browse the library, discover new genres, and peruse their own search history.

When ready, kids can move their hands and feet to create unique beats, rhythms, and music with different sounding hits, kicks, and more. They can even lay personal beats over an existing track, or experience different play modes such as instrumental, robot, karate, and more.

The app also features a sensitivity control, which allows young ones to make their sounds more or less sensitive to their movements. And with the recording feature, kids can record their own sounds and save them to a sound list, which can be accessed and used on future mixes. I’m a big fan of both of these features, as they allow kids to dive deeper into their own creativity.

For more oomph, kids can connect their bands to an external speaker and enjoy even bigger sound. The ability to connect multiple bands at once lets friends (and even adults) put their own creative spin on the song.

SoundMoovz is as unique as advertised, blending music with movement and disguising exercise as fun. So move over jazz, and step aside hip-hop. SoundMoovz has arrived.



Manufacturer: Cra-Z-Art
MSRP: $69.99

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