Friends don’t always live in the same town, sometimes they live in two.

Brady Rymer and David Gibb celebrate long-distance friendships with a new family album titled Songs Across the Pond. Listen to the first single from the album, “Two Towns” below.

Kids learn about the differences between British and American towns in the music video and hear a jam from The Big Book of Rocking Guitar Solos. It’s a much-needed reminder than you don’t need to be in the same room as someone to enjoy their friendship.

The two became pen pals when Gibb, from Oxfordshire, England, sent a letter to Rymer, from Long Island, about his music. The buddies then went on to tour in the UK and write some songs together. Songs Across the Pond is a collection of those songs and it holds themes of friendship, adventure, traveling, new discoveries and cultures, and making music with your best friend.

Gibb and Rymer’s collaboration brings the classic sounds of the British Invasion with some Americana thrown in for good measure. The duo discusses their differences in the song, “You Say This, I Say That,” in which the artists humorously compare how words are said on each side of the pond. “Living in a Beatles’ Tune” celebrates the original English invaders and “Hey There,” proves that reaching out to a friend can be a powerful thing.

Songs Across the Pond debuts on July 31 and “Two Towns” is available on Spotify now. Families can celebrate the announcement of the album with a free online concert on Brady’s Facebook page today at noon EDT.