sotd_mainDespite engaging characters and tons of special effects, there’s one thing that can make or break a movie, TV show, or video game: the story. As a gamer, I know a breathtaking storyline when I dive into one, and Insomniac GamesSong of the Deep has exactly that.

Chief Creative Officer of Insomniac Games Brian Hastings wrote a “love letter” for his daughter by creating Song of the Deep. In the game, when Merryn’s fisherman father is lost at see, she must build a submarine and travel through the mysterious waters to find him. Before long, Merryn realizes that all the vivid, fanciful stories her father told her about the incredible world beneath the surface are true.

The game begins with a narrator, who with a soothing and melodic voice, tells players Merryn’s story. Through storybook-style visuals, we see Merryn’s relationship with her father and their backstory before she builds her submarine. The narration immerses players into the deep, heartbreaking tale as they prepare to discover the underwater world with Merryn. The emotional and gripping story makes players want to help Merryn find her father and will make them sit for a long time, guiding Merryn along on her journey.

Song of the Deep is two dimensional, told completely through Merryn’s point of view, with the narrator shedding insight on Merryn’s inner thoughts and feelings.


Players will swim through multiple levels of simple gameplay. Fans of Metroid games will love this. Players will encounter puzzles that are easy enough to complete, as well as enemies that can be stopped with the submarine’s claw, bombs, or other objects players can collect along their way. The story focuses more on exploration than actual fighting, which makes it even more entertaining.

The game also features some seek-and-find elements, with coins hiding throughout the aquatic world. As players collect these coins, they can trade them at the Hermit Crab Shop for new upgrades. The Tyne Extractor increases tyne drops frequencies, while the lightning claw adds even more damage to the claw. These enhancements help players progress through the game faster.

SpiderLairChaseThe most astonishing component of Song of the Deep is its visuals, with eye-popping graphics featuring incredible detail, and a full range of brilliant color. Players will want to play the game over and over just to marvel at the deep sea world. It’s amazing how the entire game is underwater, and the mystery of the sea, along with ship wreckages, destroyed statues, and the exquisite underwater life are all included. From destroyed and withered sunken ships, to strange hidden creatures, such as razor-toothed angler fish, spindly jellyfish, and poisonous plants, Song of the Deep allows us to experience an immersive underwater experience from the comfort of our couches.


Players who embark on this journey will find themselves asking a very important question: What new heights would you journey through to find the person you love? Song of the Deep is a beautiful, imaginative game, that will make players do anything to help Merryn find her father. With a fusion of exploration, puzzle play, and light combat, Song of the Deep makes a splash with stunning graphics and a heart-wrenching story.

Song of the Deep is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.