It’s all fun and games until the soaked pup starts shakin’.

In Soggy Doggy, one of Spin Master‘s newest games, players race around the board washing the dog in the middle of the board. But, if he shakes during your turn, then you have to start all over again! The first player to make it around the board to the doggy basket wins.

Unlike some games that mix in water, Soggy Doggy’s main goal isn’t to try to avoid getting drenched, soaked, or pied—I’m looking at you, Dunk Hat. However, there is only one thing standing in your way to the finish line: a very Soggy Doggy.

The doggy itself is a very endearing character, and looks just like a familiar, friendly doggo from down the block. It has the look and feel of a rubber sponge that you’d find at a car wash. When it shakes, it will mimic a dog drying itself when it gets too wet, because players are continuously pouring more water on it throughout the game. And since “Giving my dog a bath was super easy,” is a sentence that nobody has said ever, it comes to no surprise that the dog will shake while he’s getting a shower.

Playing requires a quick assembly of snapping in Soggy Doggy inside of its bathtub. Lay the game board on a flat surface, insert the shoer attachment, and pour water into the bathtub. The youngest players rolls the die first, moving his or her piece to the first unoccupied space of the matching color on the game board.

If you land on a paw print, then you push the handle down to get Soggy Doggy wet, but if you land on a bone, then you twist the faucet on the bathtub. While players twist the faucet, Soggy Doggy will at random begin to shake. If he doesn’t shake, then you’re in the clear, but if he does, then you have to go back to the beginning of the board. I promise that you will hardly get wet at all, and the dog will be more wet than you!

Take a peek below to see how he shakes—it’s adorable every time!

Don’t worry—I know what you’re thinking. If you have terrible luck like I do, then there’s a chance that Soggy Doggy could shake every single time it’s your turn. To help cope with the pain, players are given a token when they are sent back to the starting line. So, the next time the dog shakes when it’s their turn, then they can use a token and be safe. Phew!

Please remember, since this is a water toy, don’t forget to take proper care of the pieces as per the instructions, so your Soggy Doggy doesn’t become become Grossy Doggy.

Soggy Doggy is a cute and fun game for the whole family. Who can make it around the board first without getting wet?