Here’s a collection of sweet treats that won’t make a mess or require baking.

Soft’n Slo Squishies, from ORB, is a collection of non-edible baked goods that are made to squish. As the dessert lover I am, I was wildly excited to test out the first product line Sweet Shop, available July 15. This line offers an entire menu of sweet squishies resembling everyone’s favorite after-dinner treats. The squishies even have a realistic texture (without the stickiness factor) and adorable accents.

From first squish, I was addicted. These soft little treats are just begging to be pulled, squished, plopped and maybe even juggled! Soft’n Slo Squishies are like smooth stress balls in the form of pie, cookies, and cupcakes—to name a few. I never thought I would be so fascinated by a cookie that I wasn’t going to eat.

These sweet squishies are designed to slowly rise after being squished, similar to the baked goods they mimic. I transformed a piece of lemon merengue pie into a ball-like shape in my hand and was enchanted as it slowly came back to its original shape.

While squishies are appealing to the eye, they do contain a non-toxic additive designed to taste bad. Take a wiff of these squishies and you will not want to put this anywhere near your mouth. (Note: The smell isn’t bad, it’s just not scented to smell like the dessert, which should ward off any young children). Also, it would be pretty hard to take a bite out of these unless you have vampire teeth, but you may want to make sure your dog doesn’t mistake them for a chew toy.

Soft’n Slo Squishies come in three sizes: small, medium and jumbo and range from $5.99 to $14.99. The Sweet Shop line is hitting stores next month and will be available in Michaels and Toys “R” Us, while also potentially expanding to other stores. Keep your eye out for any rare squishies that have unique color patterns!

Not going to lie though, I was a little bit hungry after playing with the squishies. I think I’ll whip up some Yummy Nummies to satisfy my sweet tooth! Happy Squishing!