✋Raise your hand ✋if getting your kids to sleep seems like an impossible feat certain days. Some kids just don’t want to go to bed, firmly stating that they are not tired, they “forgot” how to fall asleep, or they deserve just fiiiiiive more minuteeesssss.

If your hand is still raised by accident because all of that was too relatable, I feel you. Sometimes, all kids need is a friendly face to sooth them to sleep.

Soft Lites, from Tech 4 Kids, are adorable glowing bedtime friends that are the perfect night lights kids need. They come in lots of kids’ favorite characters, which will make them feel comfortable and safe throughout the night.

Kids can choose from Marshall, Skye, and Everest from Paw Patrol; Nemo and Dory from Finding Dory; Peppa Pig; Minions; and more. Or, they can start a collection of all their favorite characters from TV shows and movies.

These squishy, battery-operated glowing pals are a much safer alternative to traditional night lights that plug into the wall. This also makes them highly portable, so if kids get too attached to them, they can take their Soft Lites anywhere, especially great for helping kids feel comfortable sleeping away from home.

Much to my surprise, Soft Lites shine really bright (see the Instagram photo below for reference). They also automatically shut off after 10 minutes, or it’s simple enough for kids to turn on and off by themselves. Pro tip: Make sure to hold the button for at least three seconds for the first time! The Soft Lite will then flash twice, officially putting it in play mode. If you don’t do this, there will be a lag between pressing the button and the light shining.

Soft Lites are sure to brighten any room (and face!) and are the perfect companions for sleepovers, camping, and all other nighttime adventures.