Mermaid Magic Princess SofiaSay goodbye to the dreaded bathtime begs and bribes. The newest Princess Sofia doll is ready to dive in and really shake — or rather, splash— things up during bathtime.

Just Play’s Sofia the First Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia doll, designed for kids ages 3 and up, is a win-win. Parents don’t have to worry about their child running in the opposite direction when it’s time to get in the tub, and kids will be dying for their daily dose of soap and suds thanks to this magical mermaid doll.

Sofia the First has been transformed into a beautiful mermaid princess, ready to take on her undersea adventures. Even in mermaid form, Sofia decks herself out in purple. From her light purple top, to her dark purple fin, the brunette’s mermaid look is topped off with vibrant seashell and flower pattern embellishments. Additionally, she sports a glittery pink bendable rubber cape, which wraps around her waist, as well as a sparkling pink rubber fin. As for her tail, body, arms and head, the doll has firm plastic features.

And, what would a princess be without her tiara? Thankfully, Sofia picked out the perfect crown to match her nautical look. The plastic turquoise crown features star embellishments along the sides, where they wrap around to connect two seahorses that face each other. To minimize the chance that the princess will lose her crown, the headpiece also has combs on the inside to help hold it in place. Even so, it’s important to keep in mind that she will do lots of floats and flips, and she may still lose her headpiece in the midst of all the fun.

Sofia’s big blue eyes compliment her bouncy brown hair that has tons of volume and curls, but princesses get knots, too. Luckily, she has a good rapport with her wildlife friends, which is where her turquoise and purple seahorse hairbrush comes in handy. Be sure to carefully run the brush through Sofia’s thick locks, because after a session of swim, pesky tangles are the price to pay.

The Disney Junior princess of course sports her purple amulet, and once children press it, they are in for a real treat. Sofia instantly lights up and swims as she rotates her tail in a full circular motion. Her arms fully extend and her head can easily turn in both directions, so kids can make sure that she splishes, splashes, and swims like a pro. That’s not all, she also beautifully belts out a short but sweet tune of, “It’s your time to shine.”

All good things must come to an end, and though Sofia’s magical takeover may only last for a brief moment, the fun instantly picks up all over again once kids push on her amulet.

When it’s time to towel up and dry off, make sure Sofia doesn’t get left behind. To ensure that she is always ready for the next song or swim, make sure she fully dries off with your little one.

Just Play’s Sofia the First Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia doll has all the ingredients for fun, and getting squeaky clean never sounded so good.