Ever been invited to a Royal Ball and not know how to dance? That’s the definition of #awkward.

Luckily, Just Play has the perfect solution for little princes and princesses to perfect their moves and even learn new dances. Little ones will be whirling and twirling all day long with their favorite princess with the Disney Junior Sofia the First Magic Dancing Sofia Doll.

Dressed in her iconic tiara, flawless curls, amulet, and ball gown, Sofia spins in circles and performs figure eights and lights up with every dance step. She also sings, talks, and plays music. Although Sofia’s arms are poseable on the shoulder, the piece that helps her move around and light up replace her legs. The doll comes with a wand to make kids feel like actual royalty, and with a quick wave of it, Sofia show kids her dance moves. The secret? My bet’s on magic!

Sofia will take kids through three dance moves such as, “Twisty Twirl,” “The Royal Waltz,” and “Graceful Glide.” Being downright adorable, Sofia will guide kids along with songs and words of encouragement. Once kids have the first three dance moves down, Sofia will go over the moves one more time with music. Then, with the final wave of the wand, kids will be ready for the full performance—the royal ball! Kids will dance along as Sofia sings her “Royal Fun” song.

I definitely recommend for kids to dance in a wide, open area. Even Sofia needs a few feet space to do her moves—she isn’t messing around! The wand can be used within nine feet of the doll, so kids can use a whole lot of space to grace their royal subjects with their new moves. If kids misplace or lose the wand (it happens), then don’t worry! The doll can be activated and played with the same way with the press of Sofia’s amulet.

With the enchanting and entertaining Magic Dancing Princess Sofia, everyone will be ready for the royal ball!