Snowy weather brings so much fun for kids— unless it’s so cold outside that you can’t be outdoors longer than 5 minutes. When winter is at its worst, it is time to turn indoors for some snow-day inspired fun. There are some great toys and games to bring winter (and snow) inside for a day full of icy fun without freezing your tushy off!

Cra-Z-Snow Disney Frozen II Make your Own Magical Adventure (Cra-Z-Art)

It’s tough to keep real snow frozen when you’re inside, so instead, go faux snow! The incredibly cool, super-absorbent Cra-Z-Snow powder instantly works and looks like real snow, but isn’t freezing to the touch. Just add water to the powder and watch it magically grow. The powder expands 100 times its volume to make tons of fluffy snow that feels like a soft compound in your hands. Once you have the faux snow, use the playset for Frozen-themed fun. The playset comes with everything you need to build a snowy Frozen II fairytale, including an Anna 3D character mold, an Elsa 3D character mold, an Olaf 3D character mold, two castle molds, a scoop, a shovel, and more.
Ages: 4+
MSRP: $15.99

Crayola Chemistry Arctic Lab (Crayola)

Conduct cool colorful experiments with this winter-themed spinoff of Crayola Color Chemistry! Real Crayola scientists developed each experiment in the Arctic Lab set, complete with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. Kids can conduct up to 50 wintry experiments using the included supplies and a few household ingredients, like vegetable oil. Some snow-themed activities include making rainbow snow, designing a custom snowglobe, and lots more. There are enough ingredients and activities for two kids to play together, an ideal selection for indoor playdates.
Ages: 7+
MSRP: $24.99


Slimygloop Squishy Chums Snow Globe (Horizon Group)

Creating your own super squishy 3D pets is fun on its own, but ’tis the season to keep them contained in a super sensational snow globe! Pick one of eight fun-shaped molds, then create and decorate each one with vibrant prints and patterns. After mixing and molding simple ingredients, watch as the creatures go from gooey to squishy and shrink into super cool shapes. Once you make the characters, keep them in a winter wonderland in their fun new snow globe home. Embellish the snow globe with fun stickers for the ultimate frosty aquarium!
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $14.99


Crystal Palace Playset

Playmobil Crystal Palace (Playmobil)

When it is too cold to create a snow fort outside, play with an ice crystal palace inside. With magical icicles, an ice-themed royal family, and an illuminating crystal cave, this Playmobil set includes everything you need for chilly crystal creativity in the warmth of your home. The figures, throne, interchangeable outfits, bed, rocking chair, bejeweled scepter, rug, candelabra, vanity, ice flowers, love letter, quill, magical key, and lots of other accessories can be used for indoor winter play all year long — especially when you want to feel cool in the summer.
Ages: 4+
MSRP: $139.99

how to bring snow indoors

Ooze Labs Super Expanding Instant Snow (Thames and Kosmos)

Leave the cold outside and bring the snow with you — anywhere you go. You can stash this testtube-sized, non-toxic snow powder for urgent snow needs — no mittens required! Mix the Ooze Labs snow powder with water and watch as the mixture expands to hundreds of times its original size, creating a light and fluffy material resembling snow. Learn about the science of super-absorbent polymers and their scientific properties as you create your own mini winter wonderland whatever the season.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $4.99

Whether you want to bring winter indoors or want to bring a little winter magic into summer, this frosty lineup of snow-themed products let it snow, let it snow, let it snow —  all year long.