The year is 2018, and nasal secretions are all the rage.

Snot It, from KD Games, is a new booger-bobbing game that challenges kids ages 4 and up to pick foam boogers out of a spinning bowl with nothing but a long strand of sticky snot that dangles from their nose. The game includes four sets of glasses, noses, and snots, one spinner, one bowl, and 30 foam boogers.

Snot It is better with friends, so kids should gather two to four players to take part in this silly snot-fueled game. To start, kids can fill the spinning cup with the included foam snot pieces, which are basically foam packing peanuts in booger-ish colors such as green, yellow, and purple.

After each player has chosen a set of snot glasses, they can put them on and let the sticky snot dangle and drip right down in front of their faces. Each player then takes a turn spinning the spinner, taking note of which boogers they’ll need to nab. After, kids can wind up the booger bowl (which doubles as a timer) and watch as it twists around. Now it’s time to go picking!

Using only the dangling snot, kids can try to pick up the number and color(s) of boogers indicated on the spinner. If successful, the boogers are theirs, but if not, all the boogers must go back into the bowl. Thanks to the spinning bowl and the general unsteadiness of the hanging snot, each and every turn is wacky and wild fun.

Even when it’s not their turn to go fishing, players will have a blast watching their friends try to pick up their boogers. But they must pay attention, too. If you grab a purple snot, you’ll have to shout “Snot It!” to claim the booger bounty as your own. If you’re not paying attention and fail to scream “Snot It!” before the rest of your opponents, you’ll be forced to give up a booger of your own. The player that can successfully collect 10 boogers first, wins!

KD Games’ Snot It is hilarious fun, even for adults. Whether you’re looking for some casual gameplay or some serious competition, snot swinging skills are definitely required.