Like it or not, being a tween in today’s world is all about making a splash on social media. You haven’t reached the top level of cool until you’re a social influencer super star. #SNAPSTAR, from Yulu, is a fashion doll line for the way today’s tweens play.

Designed for kids ages 5 to 11, the #SNAPSTAR squad is made up of six social influencer dolls, each with a distinct personality and a unique sense of style. Each doll has a different passion, including fashion, beauty, music, travel, photography, and design, so chances are that no matter what kids are interested in, there will be at least one of the #SNAPSTAR girls that they can relate to.

Yulu crafted a different personality and story for each character, which adds another dimension to play because kids can connect with the dolls on a deeper level. Dawn is a high-fashion diva who knows what she wants and always gets it. She loves playing dress up and partying at exclusive celeb-filled events. Echo is a hair and makeup pro with an easy breezy attitude. She’s a social media superstar thanks to her beauty tutorials. Aspen is all about that #wanderlust; she’s always on the go and loves to decorate her place with treasures she’s collected from around the world. Lola is a bubbly ball of energy who wants to change the world for the better. Yuki is a feisty music enthusiast who loves EDM and DJs parties all over town. Izzy is a master crafter who loves the environment. She recycles everything with DIY crafting parties. She comes with a white furry jacket and space buns in her hair.

Each #SNAPSTAR includes a doll that comes with a full outfit and accessories, a removable hairstyle, a green screen, a stand, and of course, a doll cell phone because what’s an influencer without their digital lifeline to the world? The dolls are fully poseable with 15 points of articulation, making it easy for kids to change their outfits and strike a pose for photos.

The outfits and accessories are super detailed and super trendy, like Echo’s icy blue hair with space buns, Aspen’s flower crown and fringe vest, Yuki’s leather jacket and combat boot combo, Lola’s unicorn crossbody bag, and Izzy’s normcore white sneakers. The dolls even have teeny holes in their ears to change out their earrings. In addition to the dolls, fans can purchase #SNAPSTAR fashion packs for $4.97 each to get additional outfits and accessories. And if kids own multiple dolls, they can mix and match the fashion, including the hair since it comes off like a wig.

Kids can snap photos of their doll using the green screen and the green stand, then upload them to the free #SNAPSTAR Studio app to apply makeup, change hairstyles, and add accessories. As kids get to know the #SNAPSTAR girls, they can craft stories for them by adding social media-worthy backdrops to place the dolls in the real world, such as chilling on a boat, exploring the canals of Venice, posing in front of a graffiti wall, or even on the cover of a magazine. There are fantasy locations, too, such as a cartoon candy land or a unicorn forest. When kids are done styling, they can save the photos to their camera roll to share with friends or post on social media. There will be no problem racking up the likes with the #SNAPSTAR squad.