snapstar pop royalty

Get ready to walk the pink carpet like a true pop princess! Echo, one of the original #SnapStar dolls that Yulu launched earlier this year, is making her pink carpet debut with the new Pop Royalty set.

The set, designed for kids ages 5 and up, includes an Echo doll — wearing a new outfit — a stand, and everything kids need to set up the pink carpet, such as a camera, ropes, and a light. Like all #SnapStar dolls, Echo is articulated and poseable, so kids can take and edit photos of her in the SnapStar Studio companion app. The pink carpet comes with a reversible background — one side is a green screen, while the other is a logo wall — for the perfect photo-op. Her hair is even removable, so kids can swap it with other #SnapStar styles or add a new style within the app. (Pro tip: The app recognizes the doll’s face best when she is looking straight at the camera).


In addition to the tech-based creativity that kids can explore with the app, this play set offers opportunities for imaginative play in the #SnapStar world, thanks to the additional accessories and setting. Each #SnapStar doll has a unique personality and interests — Echo is a singer, for example. (Fun fact, she even has her own song and music video — check it out below). This makes the pink carpet the perfect place for her, but who says she’s the only one who belongs there? Other #SnapStar dolls (or any other dolls, really) can share the spotlight and pink plastic microphone in whatever way kids can imagine.

Overall, this set expands the #SnapStar line in a fun way that stays on brand — and it’s super stylish!